GOPA Com. takes home four awards from Publifestival’s 2022 annual awards


We’re thrilled to announce that, on May 17, GOPA Com. took home four (yes, four!) awards from Publifestival’s 2022 annual awards ceremony in Madrid.

For our work on the EU’s European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), GOPA Com. received the awards for:

– Best Contribution to Brand Development in an Advertising Campaign (in the ‘Campaign’ category)
– Best Execution of an Integrated Campaign (in the ‘Integrated Campaign’ category)
– Most Efficient International Campaign (in the ‘Campaign’ category)
– Best Contribution to the Development of the Brand in a Social Project or Action (in the ‘General Campaign’ category)

The campaign that GOPA Com. launched in 2018 helped further empower ordinary EU to effect meaningful change in their communities, countries, and the Union as a whole.

By way of the Initiative, EU citizens can bring common and important causes to the attention of EU policymakers. If a million signatures are received in support of a cause, EU policymakers will decide on the course of action they wish to take regarding it.

Aside from involving Europeans in legislation and policymaking at the EU level, the Initiative brings Europeans together — just as we at GOPA Com. bridge them — and raises awareness about important issues across the Union.

Needless to say, we are very honoured to have been recognised by Publifestival for the work in support of the Initiative (and the EU in general).

Click here to learn more about the ECI.