Join partners and colleagues at the GOPA Com. Winter Festival!


When the cold weather arrives in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to enjoy all the things that winter has to offer: visiting a sparkling winter festival, snuggling up by the fire, or partying with friends and family. For many, the pandemic has made it difficult to connect with partners and colleagues to talk about the events of the year and look ahead to 2022, particularly when people are scattered across Europe and the world. GOPA Com. has the answer!

GOPA Com. is inviting its clients and partners to meet, chat, and discover new experiences in a relaxed after-work atmosphere at the online GOPA Com. Winter Festival. At 17:00 on 9 and 14 December, GOPA Com. welcomes you to join us for an evening of entertainment, games, music and much more in a jolly, wintery atmosphere. Visit our virtual Mountain Chalet to spend some time at the end of your workday with partners and colleagues from Brussels, Europe, and around the world. It’s free to join and you don’t need to sign up in advance!


Entertainment, games and more

At the GOPA Com. Winter Festival you can enjoy live entertainment, join our pub quiz, play games, and discover new places. Grab a cold beer, hot tea, or yummy Glühwein (from your own kitchen, of course). Meet and chat with friends, colleagues, and the GOPA Com. team at the campfire. Enjoy the crackling sound and feel transported to the winter chalet.

“Our mission at GOPA Com is ‘Bridging Europeans’. With our online Winter Festival, we’re bringing together our friends, clients, and partners to meet and enjoy some time together when meeting in real life is difficult” says GOPA Com. Managing Director Antoine Rivet.

We’ll celebrate the Winter Festival on 9 and 14 December 2021. The doors are open from 17:00 (Brussels, Central European Time, UTC+1). Live entertainment starts at about 17:15. If you feel like just dropping in to say hello, you can visit the Mountain Chalet at any time from 2-14 December – maybe you will meet other guests strolling the grounds.

Free and easy

All you need to join our party is a web browser on a laptop or desktop PC and your videoconferencing equipment (camera, headphones, microphone). For the best experience you should use a Chrome, Edge or Brave browser. Our online Mountain Chalet supports Safari and Firefox in experimental mode, so these should work as well.
Don’t miss this festive opportunity to connect with colleagues and friends. All it takes to join the fun is one click.

We look forward to welcoming you to the GOPA Com. Winter Festival on 9 & 14 December!

Season’s greetings to all!

GOPA Com Winter Festival