About us

It’s not about us. It’s about you.

At GOPA Com. we work with our clients to offer an individual service tailored to their very specific needs. This allows you to effectively tell your story and get your message across, but also to engage with your audiences. It’s about strenthening your bridges.

We and our community embrace the latest trends in communication industry to explore solutions and applications that will improve our service, and offer unique experiences.
These solutions and applications impact all areas of our acivity, from preparatory research and insight, to strategy development and implementation, and monitoring and assessment, ensuring that all your communications needs are efficiently met.

Our diverse and multi-lingual team of professionals combines youthful dynamism with mature insight to provide you with effective communications campaigns and products that deliver results. With over 140 staff covering over 27 nationalities, and located over 4 continents, we are a truly international team with a global outlook.

Our services

GOPA Com. comprises all the communications tools needed to deliver a comprehensive and high-quality service. Whether you are looking to organise an engaging social media campaign or a memorable event, to create an impactful online presence or produce an original and insightful publication, our teams of committed professionals are ready to help you.

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Business today is about more than making money. As the world struggles to tackle the existential threat of climate change, it is increasingly important to keep in mind the impact of our actions on the environment and to make sure that our work on behalf of our clients is underpinned by a deep commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

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