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At GOPA Com., we’re more than just a communication agency. We’re strategic partners empowering and shaping narratives with the European Union.

We combine strategic communication, marketing expertise, and deep EU understanding to create impactful campaigns connecting citizens. We analyse behaviour, context and content to inspire change. We believe that the specifics of each action make it an opportunity to engage with your audience.
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  • Craft Compelling EU Narratives.
  • Empowering institutions to empower citizens.

Our core purpose is to deliver transformative communication services. We combine strategic communication, marketing expertise, and deep EU understanding to create impactful campaigns that resonate with audiences across 4 continents.

Whether they are simple or complex, each action deserves a specific attention. Whether you need to raise awareness, promote a policy initiative, or connect with citizens, we’ll craft a message that cuts through the noise and achieves your goals.
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Beyond communication, a true partnership
Our core purpose is to deliver transformative communication services that equip EU institutions to engage effectively with their audiences. Through our work, we strive to cultivate a more informed, engaged, and united European society.
We are more than just a communication agency; we are trusted partners, guides, and supporters. We offer a full range of services, from creative, design, media relations, social media, and event production, to strategic consulting, ensuring your message resonates across all channels. We partner with our clients to navigate the evolving communication landscape, maximising their impact and fostering meaningful connections.

GOPA Com. bridges the communication gap between EU institutions and citizens.

At the heart of a community
From Brussels to Europe, Bridging Europeans

Since our debut in 1997, GOPA Com. has emerged as a leading force in the European communication landscape. From the heart of the European Union, we are located in Brussels, Belgium, benefitting from the power of the GOPA Consulting Group in Bad Homburg, Germany.
GOPA Com. offers a unique community of services and a wide network to leverage all the opportunities of communications today. We collaborate with our close national and local partners around Europe and beyond.

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“At GOPA Com. we partner with our clients to design strategies and solutions to tell the European story and the stories of Europeans, to engage with Europeans to shape the European way of life, and to contribute to a stronger Europe in the world.”
– Antoine Rivet, Managing Director