Getting personal with sustainability

We’ve all done it – promised to do something to reduce the impact of our lives on the environment and allow us to live more sustainably. Then life gets in the way and convenience pushes good intentions to one side. The sad fact is that time is running out, we can no longer afford to let convenience decide our choices. The time for action is now!

To push for this much-needed action, in 2019 DG DEVCO, the EU Development Communication Network and GOPA Com. launched the #2030isnow campaign to raise awareness among young Europeans about the EU’s development and cooperation work around the world, and to encourage them to become active contributors in achieving the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As the creative engine behind the campaign, GOPA Com. developed a story around the 2030 Agenda based on people, prosperity, the planet, peace and partnership. This story engaged with young people and let them know how Europeans are working together to create the world of 2030, bringing real change not only to their own communities but also to millions of people around the globe. #2030isnow continues to engage with European youth, making them more aware of the EU’s sustainability goals and encouraging them to make their own pledge to start building the world of 2030 today.