Working at GOPA Com.

At GOPA Com. diversity is our strength. Our team includes different genders, nationalities, cultures, ages, sexual orientations, religions and ideologies all working together in respectful cooperation. At GOPA Com. we strive to create an environment where everyone has the freedom to develop and achieve their potential.

A typical day at GOPA Com. might start with a strategy meeting to brainstorm on a communications campaign, followed by a meeting with the Creative Content team to agree on the look and feel of a campaign’s deliverables, or a meeting with the client to discuss progress and next steps.

Looking to work in a diverse and dynamic environment?

Whatever your agenda for the day, one thing remains constant – in your work, you will be able to rely on the support of a close-knit team of international colleagues. At GOPA Com. we strive to create a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere and to provide the support needed for all our team to be at its creative best.

“I arrived in GOPA Com. as a trainee in 2016 and, since my first day, I have enjoyed the trust and consideration of my manager and other team member. This safe environment enabled me to grow as a professional and gave me enough room for my creativity, ambition and opinions to evolve.  As a Bid Manager, I like the challenging and multi-cultural environment and the diversity of societal topics related to EU work that I have the opportunity to work on.”

 Anna Sayh, Bid Manager


“Have you ever imagined working with colleagues that are also friends, continuously learning about the society we live in, and finding impactful and innovative solutions to solve pan-European communication problems? Well, that is what working at GOPA Com. means for me.”

William Bernard, Team Leader


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